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Opportunities for Starting a Business and Opening an Office in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is one of the easiest places to do business in Central Asia.

Business Operations

Uzbekistan offers a promising environment for business activities and company formations. The region is opening its doors to international investors and businesses looking to establish an office in Uzbekistan to establish themselves in this emerging market.

Options for Business Formation

Depending on the nature of your business, there are various ways to ensure your legal presence in Uzbekistan:

  1. Local Subsidiary: Establishing a local subsidiary is a commonly chosen option for business formation in Uzbekistan. This standalone subsidiary can represent your company locally and conduct all necessary business operations.
  2. Branch: Having a branch of your company in Uzbekistan allows you to expand your international business into the Uzbek market without forming a standalone subsidiary.
  3. Joint Venture: Forming a joint venture with a local company can be a promising way to enter into local partnerships and benefit from their expertise and resources.
  4. Representative Office: Opening a representative office is ideal for marketing, business development, and customer service. It allows you to demonstrate presence and build relationships with local clients.

Choice of Legal Form

If you opt for establishing a subsidiary or joint venture, various legal forms are available for business formation in Uzbekistan:

  1. Limited Liability Company (LLC): A Limited Liability Company (LLC) offers limited liability and is a popular choice for foreign companies looking to open an office in Uzbekistan. It protects your personal assets from business risks.
  2. Joint-Stock Company (JSC) allows you to issue shares and attract investors. This is ideal if you are planning larger projects and need capital from various sources.
  3. Entities without Legal Personality: In some cases, foreign companies can conduct business in Uzbekistan without establishing their own subsidiary or branch. This is achieved by entering into direct contracts with their clients and providing services locally. In such cases, it is usually required to register a “permanent establishment” with the tax authorities.

Purchase of a Company

If you wish to utilize established business structures in Uzbekistan, you have the option to acquire a company in Uzbekistan. This can be done through purchasing company shares, participating in the share capital, or acquiring the entire company.

Accelerated Registration

Registering your company in Uzbekistan can be quick and efficient for opening an office in Uzbekistan. After uploading or submitting all necessary documents online or in person, you can register your company on the same day. This accelerated registration allows you to start your business operations quickly.

Obtaining a License

For certain business sectors, obtaining a license for legal entities is required. The required documents must be submitted by the applicant personally, by mail, or electronically with acknowledgment of receipt to the relevant licensing authority. This process is transparent and provides clear steps for applying for licenses for companies.

In Uzbekistan, there are various options for business formation and operations. Whichever option you choose, the country provides an attractive market for international investors and companies looking to open an office in Uzbekistan and operate successfully in the emerging market.

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